The DIY Rubber Band Pistol

Are you stuck in an office cubicle, dreaming of Banded Bandit® Six Shooter to harass your neighbor with? Good for rubber band fights where you want some higher accuracy and would quite not use your fingers and danger having a misfire and launching it backwards into your eyeballs, the PPK rubber band hand gun makes capturing thy enemies with rubber as easy and as exact as potential.

The gun can maintain as much as 5 rubber bands on the same time, however that is not to say you couldn't put multiple rubber bands in every notch to launch three rubber bands at the same time with every trigger pull. While you click on on a Sponsored Product advert, you may be taken to an Amazon detail page where you'll be able to be taught more about the product and purchase it. The notched inventory holds ten rubber bands which are advanced toward the set off release with every pump of the gun's handle. Your Bandit Rubber Band Gun comes as a equipment featuring about a dozen laser-minimize wooden items, a handful of plastic fasteners, and some rubber bands for tensioning (not pictured below). Assault inanimate enemies from up to 25 feet away with the Bandit Gun Rubber Band Shotgun.

Week #three: discover supplies with the intention to design and manufacture a tripod to hold the gun up and likewise exit and get a laser pointer to place it on the gun so as to improve the accuracy when releasing the rubber bands from the automatic rubber band gun.

Modeled after the outdated James Bond Walther PPK handgun, the PPK rubber band hand gun is produced from strong white oak wooden, shoots rubber bands with great accuracy at as much as 20 ft away, and comes with 50 rubber bands for you to lose immediately.

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