Why I Got My Tattoo Removed

Utilizing the latest technology in lasers, as well as 15 years of experience in laser and pulsed light treatment, Dr. Frangos can effectively remove most tattoos regardless of skin tone, ink color, or the size of the tattoo. The DeScribe Patch is integrated into current laser tattoo removal regimens by simply placing the Patch over the tattoo being removed. With any tattoo removal procedure, it is understandable to expect an incredibly high cost, especially when it takes more than just one treatment to remove. Our partnership with the gifted artists at Guru Tattoo and our versatile Astanza Trinity laser will give laser tattoo removal a new definition for the city of San Diego. The R20 tattoo removal treatment definitely jump starts and speeds the process of ink removal. The cost of tattoo removal depends on several factors including the size and intricacy of the tattoo.

During the consultation, the tattoo you want treated will be examined and any questions you have will be answered. Main Laser Clinic uses a state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser - Astanza Duality laser system. For example, if you have a black barbed-wire tattoo wrapping your bicep, you probably won't be able to cover it with a light-colored daisy chain. With today's technology, we are able to precisely target the ink in your tattoo with minimal side effects. Dr. Joseph Jensen of tattoo removal varies from doctor to doctor and from one geographic area to another.

Turns out I was right to be doubtful, and seven years later, I was beyond over it. I had thought about removing it, but I knew it would cost a lot more than what the tattoo even cost me in the first place, which was $50. The Eternity is one of the most trusted laser systems on the market and delivers fast, effective tattoo removal on resistant ink colors on all skin types. The cost of treatment will depend on the size of the tattoo, the pigments, and the estimated number of treatments to achieve your goal, whether that is to lighten a tattoo or completely remove it. At Vamoose Tattoo Removal we understand the tattoo removal process can be nerve racking.

Parameter scores are then added to yield a combined score that will show the estimated number of treatments needed for successful tattoo removal. The Cutera enlighten laser is the premiere tool for removing all colors of tattoo ink from deep inside the skin. It is normal to experience some mild pain or discomfort for up to forty-eight hours following treatment. The cost is determined by a preset scale that is based on age of the tattoo, size, colors, ink used and location on the body. Call our office at 865-474-8800 to schedule your complimentary consultation to determine the price of laser tattoo removal for your tattoo.

At Maine Laser Clinic, we go over your entire tattoo with the laser, breaking up as much ink as possible in every session. The laser Tattoo Removal technology is designed to target each color by using a specific wavelength of light which will destroy the ink. Tattoo removal of any kind can be a lengthy and expensive process, but we are excited that now it can at least be less painful. Here you can learn about what it's like to get a tattoo removed, see a live Q&A session and watch a recap of a patient's journey and their experiences. Older methods of tattoo removal have involved the application of caustic chemicals such as Phenol Sulphuric acid. Fortunately, significant complications from laser tattoo removal are infrequent.

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